Friday, June 05, 2020

Clemens Kochinke

Clemens Kochinke, an equity partner in the Washington, DC, USA, office and a lawyer admitted in Germany and America,

  • advises on German matters in English and on American law in German,
  • studied law at Heidelberg University, King's College, London and George Washington University, USA, and
  • is admitted in the United States to various courts including the United States Supreme Court as well as the courts in Germany.

As a German-American attorney, Mr. Kochinke supports clients in international transactions, frequently in the technology fields and in relations between, or with, governments. He has been with the international law firm of Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP since 1984.

Fully qualified as an American lawyer and a German Rechtsanwalt, he has testified as an expert on international law in various tribunals and assisted clients in multinational litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Clemens Kochinke has a diverse international law practice, into which he ties the experts at BCR in corporate, construction, business transactions, employment, export control and ITAR, white collar, defense litigation and other legal fields. With bar admissions to the District of Columbia and Germany, to the United States Supreme Court and to specialized courts, and after legal education and training in Washington, London, Heidelberg, Berlin and Malta, Mr. Kochinke assists corporations, often from German-speaking countries, in United States matters as well as U.S. clients in foreign matters.

In addition to advising sovereigns and corporations, he assists individuals in complex German-American disputes and transactions.

Mr. Kochinke provides serial updates on U.S. law to the German American Law Association's law journal, to the German insurance law journal, and to Kommunikation & Recht.

Recently, two major publishers released his chapters on international negotiations in two books, written from the perspective of German clients doing business in the USA and of American lawyers advising on transactions in Germany.

Among others, Salon and Slate interviewed Mr. Kochinke on matters of international law, and Slate credited him as explainer's adviser; NPR quoted him as an expert on commercial drone law.

Among his professional and volunteer affiliations and activities, Mr. Kochinke publishes the Embassy Law journal. Lawyers active in German-American transactions may want to read his reports on current developments in German law in English and American law in German.





Recent Publications

Negotiations in Germany: The Business Law Perspective, in Wegerich, Business Laws of Germany, Vol. 2, New York 3rd ed. 2012

USA-Bewerbungsführer für Juristen, Co-editor, 3rd ed. Bonn 2009

Negotiating Contracts in the United States, in Heussen/Pischel, Contract Negotiations and Contract Management, 4th ed. Cologne (2014)

Country Report: USA, Kommunikation & Recht (Aug. 2014)

Recent Developments in American Arbitration Law, DAJV-NL (Fall 2013)

Transfer of Insurance Coverage in Merger, VersR (April 2011)


German American Law Ass'n, 2007: Treaty Negotiation and Implementation, Moderator

Virginia Bar Association, 2007: Privacy and Data Security

German American Law Ass'n, 2006: Asset Tracing and Asset Recovery

German American Law Ass'n, 2004: Damage Control in Contracts and Torts: Punitive Damages and Liquidated Damages




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